My name is Helen Teece, and I am running as a candidate for Public School Trustee for the Upper Grand District School Board in Wards 1, 5 and 6 in the 2006 Guelph Municipal Election.

This page will tell you a little about me, where I stand on education issues, and why I think voting for me is a smart choice. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns,  please contact me by phone at 519-835-7297, or email me at helenteece@gmail.com

Why Vote For Me?

I believe in schools for the community, in the community.  Children should not have to 'commute' to school unless absolutely necessary.  Schools are not 'supermarkets', to be consolidated and moved to the edge of town. 

Schools should be a part of the neighbourhood in which they are placed, and more use should be made of those schools for additional community use, such as after school activities.

I believe that collaboration between schools, government, community groups and local businesses is vital, and should be encouraged and facilitated by the Board.

I believe that the Board and its workings should be more transparent, accessible and accountable to the public.  Decisions should not be made in a solely 'educational bubble', but rather should take into account the specific views and needs of the local community.

I want to be a bridge between the School Board and the community (students, staff, parents and neighbours) to provide a voice for the community.  Education is not simply the job of the schools, but involves the community and its resources as well, and there should always be a channel for this communication.

Guelph is a unique city, and has much to be proud of.  The sense of belonging and inclusion, and being part of a 'family' is as much a part of Guelph's character as its buildings or citizens.  Our schools should reflect that. 

There are many vital and complex issues in education today, both provincially and nationally.  Not all of those issues will necessarily apply to our Board, however, and certainly not in the same way or to the same degree as it might affect larger urban or smaller rural communities.  Instead, we should focus first on what is right for our schools, our children, and our community. 

Anything else is just hot air!

About Me

I grew up in Guelph as Helen Arkle, and was educated in the Guelph Public School system at Waverley Drive PS and John F. Ross CVI. 

I attended the University of Guelph, and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the School of Hotel and Food Administration (HAFA).  I also later served as an Alumni Senator, during the presidency of Dr Mordechai Rozanski.

I was a member of the board of the Wellington and Guelph Housing Services, and most of my professional career has been spent in the field of social services, much of it working with at-risk youth and disabled adults.

I lived and worked in England for a few years, but returned to Guelph to raise a family.

We own a house in the Guelph Core (Ward 1), and our daughter now attends a small local public school in the neighbourhood.  

I am committed to all aspects of her school life, and I am heavily involved with Parent Council, chairing fundraising, playground, and greening committees, as well as handling Publicity and Media Relations. 

I was an active participant in the public meetings for the East Guelph Accommodation Review, and I am still a member of the Parents Voice In Education Project Network.

I look forward to being able to serve as your new School Board Trustee. 

Remember - a vote for me is a vote for a responsible and responsive Board!

Helen Teece
October 2006